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       Seyhan Adult Education Center and Evening Art School has been providing training in 3000 m2 open and 1450 m2 closed area in Adana since its foundation in 1986. The education service building has 4 storeys, 15 classrooms, 8 workshops, 7 administrative rooms, 1 club, 5 computer laboratories, 1 science laboratory, 1 multi-purpose hall, 1 library, 3 laboratories with visual training.
     Seyhan Adult Education Center and Evening Art School covers all the opportunities that can be given from different types of schools and centers like Open Vocational High School, Open Primary School and Public Education Center, and this means in total 486 course programs, 5 executives, 45 professional teachers in the field of education and other vocational fields are trained with master trainers.
         Our school currently has 720 courses in various professions. Some of them are carried out in other vocational high school workshops, which include the workshops of the open vocational high schools.Our employment-oriented courses are carried out with the aim of targeting disadvantaged groups with the help of the Adana İşkur Provincial Directorate. The trainees who are trained in the courses which are opened with Adana İşkur Provincial Directorate are placed at the end of employmentguaranteed vocational training. Courses and services given as institutions are announced to people through the web site of our institution.
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P: +1 234 6789
F: +72 2348 33

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