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        As Tarsus Public Education Center, we believe that, first of all, the members of the society are educated in line with social expectations and in a way that will ensure social development, the life of the individual is in better conditions and the duty and responsibility of the individual in the social structure are carried out most effectively; depends on the education to be given to the individual in this regard. The need for their education is as old as human history in order to increase the social security and economic efficiency of individuals and to adapt to their changing social and economic roles.
        Practices for the education of adults as well as children and young people have a long history in almost every society. In early ages, limited educational practices are organized not only for children and young people but also for adults. In this context, our institution serves the region where we are, as an institution that organizes various training programs for adults. Our institution has 4 computer laboratories and 1 multi-purpose hall. We have 35 vocational course teachers. Our building was built with EU funds. Our school operates in an area of Mersin, where it receives the most immigration and where the poverty rate approaches 85%. As this target group needs; we organize courses for people who have not completed their vocational education or who want to gain new talents in different fields according to the needs of the region. Computer, accounting, auto-cad, web design, apparel training, hairdressing, skin care expertise, cook, patient registration procedures, jewelry design, decorative wood decoration, painting, oil paint, natural gas and solid liquid fuel element, masseur and We provide certified trainings approved by the Ministry of National Education on subjects such as masseuse, construction equipment use, gardening and garden maintenance. Many studies are carried out in our school not only in the field of vocational education but also in social activities. Trainings are also given in various sports, foreign languages, in the field of painting and music.
        Entrepreneurship needs to be developed to prevent unemployment. Our institution wants to develop and implement special training programs for our target audience in order to develop entrepreneurship in our city. We would like to carry out this project in cooperation with competent EU institutions in order to receive training to design special entrepreneurship trainings for our target audience and to contribute to the development of our city / country.
        It can be summarized as our main goals to make individuals self-confident, knowledgeable and skilled, to meet their technical and social education needs and to ensure the continuity of the lifelong learning and education process. Apart from the issues listed above, we also organize many informative activities and seminars on general issues such as family education, environmental protection, and women's health as our region is a region that receives internal and external migration. We desire to improve our content continuously according to the needs of the people of the region and to provide higher quality services.
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