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       The Non-Profit Organization (NPO) “THREE THIRDS SOCIETY” with the distinctive title “3/3 SOCIETY” has been established in 2010 by people with various professional and academic backgrounds and common goals, visions and principles regarding social cohesion and the support of vulnerable social groups.

       The organization’s main purpose is to improve the quality of life of people, especially of those belonging to disadvantaged / vulnerable social groups, by implementing actions such as: social groceries, social kitchens, common meals for the most deprived people, social integration of refugees and immigrants, integration or reintegration in society and the labor market of unemployed mainly through social economy and social entrepreneurship, support economic development in areas facing acute economic and social problems. The organization takes initiatives in economic, political and legislative level to address issues of social exclusion, promote gender equality and combating all forms of discrimination whereas works towards improving cooperation between NPOs with relevant goals in order to address issues of marginalization and social exclusion.

     NPO “THREE THIRDS SOCIETY” has extensive experience in Supporting Entrepreneurship and especially Social Entrepreneurship for achieving smart, sustainable and mainly inclusive growth, with emphasis on Innovation and Competitiveness, e.g. providing consultation, preparing Business Plans, Developing Cooperative and Clustering schemes and Entrepreneurial Incubators in fields such as Agritourism, Cultural Heritage, Creative Industries, Home Care for elderly, disabled people etc.

       THREE THIRDS SOCIETY is a UNHCR partner and also has been cleared in undertaking actions for the integration of immigrants and refugees by the Greek Reception and Identification Service.

Specific objectives are:

  • The study, investigation and analysis of modern political, social and economic trends and concerns and the formulation of specific and feasible proposals for tackling social exclusion and problems faced by vulnerable and disadvantageous people.
  • The design, management, implementation and evaluation of projects and programmes to support the entrepreneurship of persons belonging to disadvantaged – vulnerable social groups.
  • Support the implementation of projects – actions at international and national level regarding disadvantaged – vulnerable social groups, and provide resources and tools for maintenance and sustainability.
  • Fight social inequalities arising from social distortions regardless of their root causes.
  • Support initiatives and actions aiming at supporting population groups facing geographical, economic hardship or exceptional circumstances as a whole disadvantaged – vulnerable social group.
  • The initiatives and implementation of projects and actions aiming at integrating disadvantaged – vulnerable social groups in the labor market and the wider society.
  • The supply of humanitarian, food and development assistance to populations in developing countries to contribute to economic and social development of those countries
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